The Fool's Journey

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The Major Arcana can also be seen as the life of the human being. The Fool’s Journey is man's journey through life from immaturity and innocence to maturity.

  • The Fool is the innocent baby, curious and willing to learn about the world.
  • The Magician is the small child’s insight that it is possible to manipulate situations and things around us to get what we want. The Magician teaches the child about the strength of will.
  • The High Priestess is the secret about how everything works and why. It is about how he can use his will and with what purpose. He needs to find out secrets maybe before he can use the will, so he is learning to communicate and find out things about you.
  • The Empress is the nurturing mother that teaches the child to take care of himself and to create on his own.
  • The Emperor is the protective father that teaches the child to behave within norms and regulations.
  • The High Priest is the child meeting with the child with the social world and the school system that teaches the child to conform and obey.
  • The Lovers is the adolescent first meeting the need to make his own choices and perhaps also about the trials of puberty and adolescence that are very important for the future. It is also about choices regarding who to socialize with and what further education to choose.
  • The Chariot is when the now young adult is 18 and can drive a car, can move on his own and feels that he is in control of his own life. He is also certain of himself, because he feels that even if his choice was foolish, he has to make it any way.
  • Strength teaches the young adult that life is not so easy always and that sometimes one must wait and endure difficult situations until one gets what one wants.
  • The Hermit is the now adult persons need to find out who he is and to gain a deeper understanding of the world around him. He might also need to study, consult someone that knows more or do the searching on his own.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is the persons meeting with destiny, when chances of luck or fortune changes one’s life in unpredictable ways. Let's say that this person meets the love of his life. It can also be so that the person gets a new job or career, or meets another person that changes his life.
  • Justice is the persons meeting with the law, in the positive or negative way. It can also teach the person the consequences of his own actions. It can have to do with a legal marriage.
  • The Hanged Man is the persons need to wait for decisions or to sacrifice time. It teaches the person patience but perhaps even humiliation and how to live with it. If we take the previous example, marriage means sacrifice, waiting, exposure of one’s faults. Maybe he is caught cheating.
  • Death is a transformations and endings. The marriage can dissolve, but it can also lead to a transformation of the self. The person understands that one can't always keep to a way of life and something must change.
  • Temperance is the need to adjust after the transformation or ending that took place. Maybe he is now not cheating anymore and finds compromise to be peaceful. Self-control is what Temperance teaches the person.
  • The Devil is a temptation often. Marriage feels like a prison. He goes out and takes a few bears and he is cheating again. The Devil teaches the person about his weakness.
  • The Tower is the result of the Devil - be it that the wife leaves because he cheated again, be it that he drives home drunk and an accident happens. He loses everything - wife, children, house - or even worse, health. This leads to despair.
  • The Star is about Hope. The person doesn't feel the deep sense of desperation anymore but he starts to see a brighter future. Maybe he meets someone promising him a future, or a treatment seems to work on his health issue.
  • The Moon is about deception. The person he met wasn't that wonderful as he first thought. She might be cheating on him, or she might not want him for his looks but to fool around a little. The treatment doesn't seem to work. Someone may also use him now, as he is in a weak position, after his loss in the Tower card.
  • The Sun is about success and clarity. He now sees how everything is. The Moon lies doesn't fool him anymore. He is a bit wiser. He knows the truth.
  • Judgement is about the trials and tests he stills has to overcome to be able to come over his loss. If the treatment doesn't work, he might even try hard to accept what is about to come. He can accept it or not. He might also have to be punished for driving drunk or pay some kind of debts that are still there. But he can also be rewarded because he is able to recognize his own failures and accept them. It is about maturity. He might also be seeking for a new job etc.
  • The World is about achieving completion. It is about finding and reestablishing peace with himself. The Fool means that everything starts again: be it rebirth or a new life.


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