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Example reading: celtic cross spread

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Celtic Cross Spread Example Reading

When you do a reading you first try to find out more about the person that you are doing a reading for. It is ideal if the person asks some question about a situation as well. But a general one is also OK. This spread is general.


We first try to see what this spread is about. First, a little reminder:

Major Arcana cards are big influences and more permanent in the persons life that the consultant can't really change or do so much about. The more Major Arcana cards in the spread the less the consultant can change the outcome.

Cups are about relations and sentiments.

Pentacles are about the material world and health.

Swords are about communication, the legal system, deceit, failure, traps.

Wands is about work and the energy we put in it.

  • 5 Major Arcana Cards: 2 of them are about unfulfilled wishes and plans( The World Reversed and the Star reversed) in the past positions, 2 of them are about morality and relationships (The High Priest and the Lovers Reversed) in the crown and crossing positions and the remaining one is about lost potential or potential used the wrong way in the near future position (Magician Reversed). 5 Major Arcana cards means that the person can do little to change this. The influences are much outside, besides the Magician, that empowers the individual, but the Magician is reversed.
  • 1 Sword card in the situation position, that is about something illigal, a legal trap
  • 3 Cups, and we know that Cups are about relationships and about feelings. In the "This is you position" we have the 9 of cups (the card of excesses) meaning that the person does nothing, everything comes easy and might eat too much. In the hope/wishes positions we have the King of Cups, so the person wishes to meet some man or fears him. If we think about the situation with the moral choise and the legal trap, I would consider that the person fears this influencial person that can make the persons life a hell. We also have the 5 of cups in the end result or far future position, that has to do with regrets.
  • 1 Pentacle card: Four of Pentacles about the material security but also about the well being of the consultant. That is in the position of the circumstances surrounding the person we do this reading for. The surrounding card is always tricky and double edged, because it shows both how the consultant is affected by the situation and how the persons around are affected by the consultant. So we have there a material tension. And it is also about bitterness about a material issue.

The person is in conflict with a moral authority and has been illegally trapped there, because of some man with power and influence. 5 of swords reversed with the crossing influence of the Lovers reversed, might mean that the person have been deceited by his loved ones, or a person that the consultant cared about. The hopes and dreams of the consultant have vanished and even if this person tries to get out, he or she will regret it. Deep sorrow is about to come if the consultant tries to compete in the wrong way. Because the consultant, besides all the trouble he/she is in lives a good life, it might mean that health is good and even income is good, if we even take into account the surrounding influence of the 4 of Pentacles. So there is bitterness surrounding the consultant because of the money or the financial situation that the consultant has. This enemies might go after the money, but all they can do is make the person really sad losing relationships.

The warning in this spread is not to try to make things worse then they are by using manipulation in the wrong way. The consultant is too weak to handle such a thing and should wait for better times or find another solution.


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