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Most books about the history of the tarot say that they don't really know where it comes from. We don't care either. The most important thing to know is that that Tarot is old, the Tarot was used for divination for a long time, the Tarot was and is still used as a card game. Besides that, tarot works.

When it comes to trying to find out how the tarot is used as a divination tool, we must say that the tarot is used as more than that.

  • The tarot describes everyday life.
  • The tarot describes human psychological and moral development.
  • The tarot uses archetypes and is therefore true in any culture in the world.
  • The meanings of the cards change with time because societies change too.
  • The meanings of the cards change also with different perspectives and therefore different readers have somewhat different meanings.
  • There is a problem in knowing exactly how to describe a situation in tarot and how something exactly will happen and therefore we have to know that we deal with a somewhat abstract world. You can't blame a reader for not telling you exactly how some situation will develop.
  • You can improve your reading skills by keeping a diary, by reading and practicing a lot and by trying to combine three or four cards with each other and also by learning to also use reversed cards.
  • The tarot doesn't have to be taken all that serious, it must not rule somebody's life, but when a bad card appears, one must try to figure out how to avoid it, because cards "happen".

The tarot card game is divided into two parts. A Major Arcana consisting of 22 cards and a Minor or Lesser Arcana consisting of 56 cards. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits: Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentagrams (or Coins). A total of 78 cards.

When you draw a card from the Major Arcana, you know that the impact of the card is more permanent and have a greater impact on your life. The Minor Arcana deals with everyday life situations. The influences come and go.

The court cards represent for the most part people, groups of people and sometimes institutions. They can also represent or describe us or the situation that we are in life. Some tarot readers claim that you can choose the significator for yourself. But others claim that we cannot because we become different personalities in different situations in life. Therefore, we are everywhere in the tarot.

For your own sake, you should try to learn to combine cards. You should also read the most notable tarot card readers because their interpretations are the best, like Crowley and Waite.

Some interpretations seem out of order, and they do only because you have not experienced them yet.

If you read for someone else, be truthful, but don't scare or hurt the person. Don't make them feel good either, but teach them how to be strong and try to give them some advice. Have faith in the consultant and if you have doubts about the reading or if there are issues that you can't understand, tell them that.

One of the oldest cards for divination are the tarot cards. They offer with their symbols a way to tap into a knowledge of the past, present and future at any given moment.

Even if they’re popular, tarot cards are not easy to interpret. Becoming a good tarot reader will take time, perseverance and experience.
In a reading, the tarot cards, describe everyday life, but they also give us insights about our psychological life and moral inclinations.
Furthermore, the meanings of the cards aren’t set in stone, but rather they continue to change as society changes.

Different tarot readers have also developed somewhat different interpretations of the cards.

Some tarot readers are more intuitive than others, but the worst is probably when a tarot reader thinks is intuitive but is not. Mix intuition with reason when trying to interpret them. As you see the cards in the spread, create stories based on both the interpretation of the cards and on what you would think is plausible.

Most agree that tarot cards work because we can all relate to so called archetypes. At the same time, we do deal with a somewhat abstract world, making tarot reading at times somewhat frustrating.

The only way to become better at interpreting the cards is through trial and error. Read for family and friends, and ask them constantly about how things went for them.


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