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minor arcana: Pentacles

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  • Ace of PentaclesAce of Pentacles: You invest some money in something, buy something or you receive something material. You can invest some money or get a gift. But if you are sick, you might just get a pill.
  • Two of Pentacles: You are in the mood for fun, or you have a lot of fun in your work, doing what you like and also receiving money at the same time. You might also be in a playfull state of mind, and jokes and play might be on the list. You might also be interested in comedy or acting. If this card appears in a love relationship, the partner is not serious with you.
  • Three of Pentacles: You are building up a project for the future. This project is good for you and will be a success. It will be seen and admired by others that will be rather impressed by your skills. This card is often seen in the beginning of a business, promising good results.
  • Four of Pentacles: You have lost something, maybe money, or you might see other people enjoy themselves, when you are not happy. You might also be jelous in a relationship. You are bitter and angry, and you might feel envy.
  • Five of Pentacles: You might lose some money or you might encounter difficult financial times. You might also get depressed, sick or feel very lonely, as you migh get rejected from a group.
  • Six of Pentacles: This is the card of generosity. You might have the luck to get the help you need. It might also be so that you have to pay some bills. The card also can have the meaning: "Pay back time".
  • Seven of Pentacles: You need to fight to keep your job position or to succed with your business and it is not easy, as there are obstacles, and people might try to hinder you. But you succed in spite of everything.
  • Eight of Pentacles: You do a lot of work, and you have the special skills that you need to do it. You work hard, and you are doing a good job. What you create is beautifull and you will gain money on it.
  • Nine of Pentacles: You do not have problems with money because your past efforts still pay off. Others might believe that you get money for free, but you know that it isn't so. You are self confident and you have good taste.
  • Ten of Pentacles: You are getting money soon, the money that you need and deserve. This money is expected. It is your salary or the money that you wait for.
  • Page of Pentacles: You can spend money on what you want, but you don't do anything in particular to receive it.
  • Knight of Pentacles: You are trying hard to prove yourself and show to other people that you are reliable and can be trusted. You are a hard worker and money is important to you. This card can also mean that a man might arrive and give you something material. If in hospital, a nurse might give you your medicine.
  • Queen of Pentacles: You are a person that knows how to make money and you are confident about it. There is never a problem when it comes to the material side of life. You are also generous. But you might not be very well liked. This woman can also be a person working in the health sector.
  • King of Pentacles: You are getting results in the big way. You are a protective force and you are ready to help out. This card can also mean that you might have an encounter with the police.

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