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minor arcana: cups


Ace of Cups:

  • Ace of CupsA new emotional journey will start. You will probably meet someone that you will start some kind of relationship with.
  • Ace of Cups Reversed: You will meet somebody that you'd betted avoid, as there is a risk of betrayal, deceit or sorrow.

Two of Cups:

  • Two of CupsYou are about to get in an intimate conversation with somebody. You will find the meeting pleasant or not, but it will touch you and affect you.
  • Two of Cups Reversed: You will meet somebody but the meeting goes wrong. It is not exactly the person that you want to see. There is also a chance of divorce of separation or some missunderstanding.

Three of Cups:

  • Three of CupsYou are about to have to deal with a group of people or master a social situation. Maybe you go to a party, a wedding or you have fun with somebody else.
  • Three of Cups Reversed: A party turnes out to be a deception. You drink too much at a party or there is gossip about you. You might be rejected from a group. There might be a pact against you.

Four of Cups:

  • Four of CupsYou are bored. You are not feeling like you care about the relationship that you have anymore. There is a feeling that you can't change anything and that you are not interested. The grass is greaner on the other side. But you don't look for any other inspiration either.
  • Four of Cups Reversed: You are seeking new relationships and new opportunities.

Five of Cups:

  • Five of CupsYou are regretting something deeply. You wish you could turn back time and have this undone, but it's not possible.
  • Five of Cups Reversed: You understand that there is no use in regreting the misstakes or losses in the past and you try to find new ideas, new interests, or new relationships.

Six of Cups:

  • Six of CupsYou may encounter someone from the past or you might have to deal with some situation from the past. There is a pattern repeating itself or you might remember the good old times.
  • Six of Cups Reversed: A situation from the past can't be reversed according to one meaning. The other is that the past is behind and it is time for the future.

Seven of Cups

  • Seven of CupsYou have many dreams, illussions, fantasies. You might get drunk and lose your sense of control. Wishfull thinking will not take you anywhere. There is too much incertanty and unknowns in the situation and you might lie to yourself.
  • Seven of Cups Reversed: You see everything with clarity in the social situation and a definitive path will be chosen.

Eight of Cups

  • Eight of CupsThere are things in life you need to leave behind, as they don't matter anymore. You change your mind and feelings about it, because they don't matter or because you don't dare to confront an issue.
  • Eight of Cups Reversed: You leave the current situation looking for new relationships. This card means also that you are looking for joy or that you will go to a party.

Nine of Cups

  • Nine of CupsYou drink or eat too much, and are lazy. You have a lot of wishes too, but there is no guarantee they will come true. This is also the card of the assured future, where you don't lack the daily conforts.
  • Nine of Cups Reversed: Wishes might not come true. There might not be enough money. You might also be caught in a dispute. Lies or misplaces truth.

Ten of Cups

  • Ten of CupsHappiness and luck in love and art awaits. If you are in a creative business, or an artist, you might now get known. This card, according to Waite, can also represent the city or the village where you live. You might be the talk of the town.
  • Ten of Cups Reversed: This card is related to unhappy marriage, violent fights in the home, loss of friends, gossip and unhappiness in general.

Page of Cups

  • Page of CupsYou are sensible and naive. You might get easily touched when it comes to feelings. You might be in love or have a love affair. There are also chances that you get pregnant o meet a child.
  • Page of Cups Reversed: The card is about seduction and trickery in love affairs. It can also mean a love affair that goes bad.

Knight of Cups

  • The Knight of CupsYou are relating to others in the good way. Maybe you are seeking friends or you try to get some allies. This is the card of invitations and a good social life.
  • Knight of Cups Reversed: This a person that is capable of swindling. He might deceite you or flatter you with the purpuse to use you.

Queen of Cups

  • The Queen of CupsA good sensible kind friendly woman with the capacity to love and forgive. But she mostly keeps feelings for herself. A good friend that should by the way not be insulted.
  • Queen of Cups Reversed: A woman that you can't trust. A perverted woman or a woman with an unhappy past.

King of Cups:

  • King of CupsA kind noble man with great communication skills. It is a helpfull teacher, a politician, a pscychologist, a brother, a father or a scientist.
  • King of Cups Reversed: This is a man with power of manipulation, often deceitfull, perverted and corrupted. He might lie to you and should better be avoided.