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March 2015



Your social life gets better in March, as well as love life. You will feel that you are about to become more lovely, more charming, and you will enjoy your social skills. New revelations are to be made through a period of instability in the 3rd week.



Your personal development is just magnificent in March. Your income problems vanish too. Low self-confidence: a thing of the past. Everything flourishes, especially you! Changes in social life might though occur creating a sense of crisis.



People just love you in March. You are able to win their trust and they love most things about you. Exciting new things are taking place, and you make new friends easily. Yet, some change occurs in career which doesn't need to be negative, but there is tension around that time.



As any other water sign, you make progress in the work area of your life in March, especially money goals are achieved. Even responsablities feel less of a burden. Relationships go through some hardship though with power struggles mid-March, and your perspective of life changes with the solar eclipse in Pisces.



Lerning has never been easier and you manage to evolve, go further. You have adventure on your mind and you are looking for new experiences. Anything international goes well, any kind of studies. Creative projects have everything to win as you're getting clever. Be careful with health issues though mid-March and let the solar eclipse in Pisces empower you.



You have the chance to heal this month and to feel that you are making new discoveries that will benefit you in some manner. The situation at home is stable and you enjoy feeling needed. But Pluto can create intense emotions mid-March and there are relationship changes happening too, because of the eclipse in Pisces.



Relationships get better in March and new exciting times are waiting for you. Relationships are better, and new exciting people enter your life. At home, there are a few problems though, as Pluto creates a family-dispute, but the solar eclipse in Pisces has the ability to transform your occupation.



Ambition and motivation helps you to make important moves in regard to career and you achieve your goals with ease. New opportunities appear promising career success. Financial stability develops as a result. You can though experiences some intense moments in social life and some changes regarding your romantic life, regarding children or creative projects.



You have much creative energy in March and you're able to feel more positive, luckier. You will have the ability to rise above problems and still, even if you are serious, you are just growing as a person into what you are meant to be. Financial difficulties can arise at times so avoid rash financial decisions. Changes happen regaring home and family. You might move.



Your family relationships get better and you feel a new sense of belonging. Some of you make investments in regard to home/family/property, others simply feel a lot better. You might also gain some extra money. The beginning of the month is the best time for anything you might have to do. Problems can't be entirely avoided yet you'll find that changes are taking place, significant changes. You might sign a contract, make a deal, experience some change in enviornment or begin for some reason to make many short trips somewhere.



Your social skills improve in March and you meet new people. Social life is better, luckier, you have more people around you, having a better social environment and better opportunities. Discussions are interesting and you are lucky enough to meet the most helpful people. You might experience a few problems with others now and than, mid-March, or with yourself for that matter, but the solar eclipse in Pisces creates changes in your finances.



Money making is your thing this month and there are new great job opportunities in store for you. Take advantage of the planetary aspects in the beginning of the month, as you are about to experience financial and career luck. Deal with others as best you can mid-March and expect some big change in life - that's what it feels like around the 20th of March with the Solar Eclipse in your own sign.